Argentina Raids Banks and Financial Houses


Tax officials have ambushed more than 70 financial institutions across Argentina in what was christened as a crackdown targeting money laundering.  The tax officials aimed at currency exchange outlets, banks and other financial shops in Buenos Aires and many other provinces. Tax officials accused financial institutions of ducking tax as well as facilitating capital flight beyond the borders. At the beginning of this month, Proctor and Gamble operations were suspended on allegations of tax fraud.


Restrictions issued by Human Rights CSO on current Blended Finance

Human rights

An audit released recently by the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on human rights states that the evaluation of the perspective of the law principle regarding the human rights elements such as participation, equality and the maximum available resources would cater for the segments provided by the report dedicated to private finance. The emphasis stressed on blended finance as part of problems affecting issues regarding climate change and private investment restrictions. These issues were fully addressed by the Righting Finance.


Obama Pledges $3 Billion to Fund the UN Climate Drive


US President Barack Obama had pledged $3 billion in solidarity with the UN in a bid to counter the effects caused by climate change in countries that are not economically stable. Furthermore, the US has pledged to support vulnerable countries in achieving resilience as far as climate change is concerned. Obama and President Xi have vowed to sail through with the ambitious targets in controlling gas emissions from greenhouses in a bid to revive the attempts of replacing the international Kyoto agreement. Obama is expected to reaffirm his pledge in the Brisbane G20 summit, as UN’s Green Climate Fund donors and backers warm up for the Berlin meeting on November 20.


Why You Could Be Taking More Out Of Your Pocket For Online Shopping

Online shopping

This has been an emerging trend which has remained unseen or undetected by most of the people who shop online. Although, some people may not even have realised this but nowadays you could be paying a little more than others for online shopping. Researchers at the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity in Boston have in the recent past come up with a conclusive discovery of this ongoing trend. The research was conducted in April and May 2014, this is quite recent. This trend that may be termed as “price discrimination” works on the basis of browsing web history and depending on the smart phone you use for such purposes as shopping online especially on ecommerce websites.


Low Performance at Wal-mart is getting out of Hand


Shoppers flocking the dairy segment in Wal-Mart supercenter at Queens have raised concern that the section was under-stocked. In addition, shoppers complained that a few milk gallon jugs were in bad shape and they had dents or dirt. The meat aisle was less stocked with strip steak and ground beef patties in addition to residue taking over some shelves.

Analysts have read deeper than just disarrayed items at a single store. Out of stock items do not just happen, according to experts, there are wider problems that Wal-Mart intends to address through its store managers.