MetLife Stands Strong Against Systemic Label


We have all heard the saying “with great power comes great responsibility”, we can witness it too, in the case of MetLife Inc., which is the holding corporation for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and its affiliates. MetLife is amongst the largest, most powerful, global giants providing insurance, annuities, and employee benefit schemes to over 100 million customers in more than 50 countries.


Deadline of ObamaCare Is About To End, Don’t Waste Your Time and Get Registered Today


Obamacare is also known as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The aim of this act is to facilitate the patients with affordable health insurance, regulation of health insurance companies and to improve the quality of health. The act was signed by the President Barack Obama on 23rd march 2010 to make health reforms in US and was upheld on 28th of June 2012. The act gives more rights and protection to the patients. Eighty seven percent of people in the USA are health insured through different prospects like job, private health insurance or government program.  Are you registered with Obamacare or with other health insurance industry? If yes then you are safe, If no then be hurry the deadline is about to end.The deadline provided by the government for the registration of health insurance for the year 2015 is about to end on 15th of DEC 2014 in maximum states of the USA. The current registration for the health insurance can be used from the 1st Jan 2015.


Stocks and the Dollar escalate further than Predicted thus affecting Job Data

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An unusually overwhelming report regarding U.S jobs escalated the dollar up to a five and a half year past a basket of currencies last Friday, and pushed stocks even up further after the financial shares. It is worth noting that the bond prices in the United States dropped creating a deficit thus leading to the greatest single-day rises in a span of four years. In the meantime, investors priced the interest hike in the U.S by June 2015.


Hull City under Probe for Breaching the Financial Fair Play Rules

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Hull City football club is among a number of clubs that are being scrutinized for breaching the FFP rules. The FA Cup runners-up are now supposed to submit more information pertaining to Financial Fair Play, although they are not under a threat of facing immediate sanctions.

The rules by UEFA were introduced in 2011 to tame the overspending that involves player transfers and other wages.

The other football clubs under investigation are Wolfsburg, Lyon, Sparta Prague, Panathinaikos and Ruch Chorzoow. UEFA has an existing investigation at Liverpool and it has extended it to other clubs like Inter Milan, Roma, Besiktas, Monaco, Krasnodar and Sporting Lisbon.


What I have learnt from self-made millionaires

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As you work in the banking and finance industry, you learn a lot of things about how people become rich, what stops them becoming rich, and why some people seem to defy stereotypes and time-tested rules.

Force yourself to save, and it becomes a lot easier

Henry Ford said that you do not get rich from the money you make; you get rich from the money you don’t spend. He was correct in more ways than one, but it assumes you do not have bills to pay and are living for free. Most people are in a position where they are forced to spend money almost every day, and many people are treading water financially.