Life Will Improve After Social Security Boost

Social security boost

Social security recipients have a reason to smile because there will be an increase by 1.7% of the amount they have been receiving. The changes will take effect come 2015, where a $22 monthly increase will reflect on their checks. The Social Security Administration indicated that the 58 million beneficiaries of the fund will get the boost on January next year.


Could the Leading Beverage Coke be losing the Grip?


The biggest soft drink maker has announced that it is slashing the cost of Coca-Cola by $3 billion annually. This has been triggered by the disappointing sales of its soda output. The Atlanta-based manufacturer is aiming at reaching its goal to cut the cost by the year 2019. This will be enabled by various measures that will be undertaken, some of which are to restructure the worldwide supply chain. The specifics of the number of jobs that are going to be lost are not known yet, but the bigger part of the changes that will be made shall be communicated in the beginning of 2015.


The Success-Guide to Saving Money and Planning Budgets


Having problems with living according to your means is a dilemma that has existed ever since the dawn of mankind. Of course, making adjustments that don’t suit you might be difficult but in order to lead a happy life one must practice economy and save something for the rainy days. However, planning a budget is not as difficult as it may seem – there are a few main things that one needs to bear in mind when planning a budget.


Retirement and Happiness – The Retirement Savings

retirement - happiness

Every trip has to end, and retirement is no alien to this metaphor. These days, retirement has become one of the major sources of tension and depression all over the world. Getting old is no satisfactory aspect, and getting old without enough retirement savings to help you scrape through is worse enough. To help you through these problems there have emerged into society the retirement planning calculator; an individual who claims to help you calculate and estimate how well you are going to be spending your future days.


The TCPA Law – Fining Telemarketers for Good

The Law

Annoying calls and messages are no rarity. Who hasn’t received an unwanted, annoying, and time-consuming (or rather, time-wasting) calls or texts from a spammer or a telemarketer? With the advent of technology and the transformation of the world into a global village, another thing has advanced – and that is sales tactics. It has become a favorite sport of marketers to call their customers, ex-customers, and even people who are not their customers; at inconvenient times, at 11 in the night and 6 in the morning; and either pitch you into buying something you don’t want or simply waste your time.