Southwest Airlines Faces Record Fine Worth $1.6 Million


One of America’s major airlines, famous for being the world’s largest low cost carrier, is in hot water and hot news because it has been fined a whopping penalty of $1.6 million. This news is going to create a record for Southwest, because this is the largest civil penalty that has ever been imposed on an airline.


RadioShack On The Verge Of Bankruptcy


RadioShack, the nation’s leading electronics retailer, has been facing a prolonged downturn since quite some time, which finally broke down its strength at the beginning of the New Year. The retailer of innovative electronic products and services has announced that it’s going to file for protection from bankruptcy really soon, a move that many had already predicted.


Vimeo And Maker Studios Partner Against YouTube


It seems that the New Year is going to bring real big changes in the digital video industry, and there are happenings that prove so. Disney’s Maker Studios has struck a major partnership deal with Vimeo, IAC’s premium video platform. This partnership is inevitably bound to wobble YouTube’s iron grip on the biggest video players. Maker Studios, the largest content network of YouTube was purchased by Disney last year.


MetLife Stands Strong Against Systemic Label


We have all heard the saying “with great power comes great responsibility”, we can witness it too, in the case of MetLife Inc., which is the holding corporation for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and its affiliates. MetLife is amongst the largest, most powerful, global giants providing insurance, annuities, and employee benefit schemes to over 100 million customers in more than 50 countries.