Orange wants to acquire the Spanish operator Jazztel

OrangeThe wave of acquisitions continues to bay the European telecom market. French company Orange is now offering 3.33 billion EUR for the Spanish web and mobile operator Jazztel. This Orange raises the bar to get more market power in one of the fastest growing economies in the Eurozone. Late Monday evening Jazztel said through a binding message to the Stock Exchange that it had received an offer for the acquisition in cash of 100% of the company at a price of 13 EUR per share. The chairman of the Board of Directors of Jazztel Leopoldo Fernandez Puhals has already agreed to sell its Orange Jazztel own share amounted to 14.48%.
According to Orange proposal, including stock options to certain executives of Jazztel, amounting to a total value of 3.4 billion EUR. So it is about 34% above the market price of Jazztel in August. French company wants to finance the purchase by issuing its own shares worth up to 2 billion EUR and by subject hybrid bonds.

Alibaba shares become more expensive

Alibaba IPOThe Initial public offering (IPO) of Alibaba is even larger than expected. Chinese Internet giant raised the upper end of the price range for its shares due to strong demand from investors from 66 to 68 USD. This was announced by the company on Monday (local time) with a message to the American Committee on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Thus the maximum volume of Alibaba IPO can be increased from 24.3 to 25 billion USD. For this to happen, however, investment banks involved in the placement must exercise their subscription rights. Otherwise, approximately 320 million shares Alibaba wants to offer initially will bring 21.8 billion USD.
Anyway: never before a company has not been able to collect more money from investors in its stock market debut. On Wednesday, or a day earlier than previously planned, orders will be closed. Then expect nothing stand in the way of trade with the shares of Alibaba under the symbol BABA on the New York Stock Exchange.

Brent crude fell below 100 USD per barrel

Crude oil FieldBrent crude fell below 100 USD per barrel for the first time since June 2013 amid slowdown in imports in China – the second largest consumer of “black gold” in the world. The price of exchange traded futures in London fell by raw material 0.93% to 99.88 USD per barrel during early session in Europe on Monday.
The level is the lowest since April 2013 last time Brent traded at a price below 100 USD per barrel, was on 24th June 2013. Earlier in the day, China announced its latest batch of foreign trade data, which showed stability of exports, but a slowdown in imports. The august exports has grown by 9.4% yoy, beating forecasts for a rise of 8% following an increase of 14.5% in the previous month. However, import of Celestial Empire declined at an annual rate of 2.4% compared to expectations of an increase of 1.7% after declining by 1.6% in July.

Electrolux acquires GE Appliances for 3.3 billion USD

ElectroluxGeneral Electric Co division sells its appliances – GE Appliances, the Swedish Electrolux AB for 3.3 billion USD in cash. Under the deal, Electrolux will continue to use the brand GE Appliances.
“The deal fits with our strategy to be the best infrastructure and technology company in the world”, said CEO Jeff Immelt GE. The American corporation seeking a buyer for its unit for some time. Even in summer, speculation that GE will abandon their intention. During the summer, was finalized merger between GE and the energy business of the French company Alstom SA in a deal for 17 billion USD.
The division of GE appliances is estimated at 8 times earnings before taxes for the last 12 months (P/E). It is expected that the completion of the acquisition in 2015 will generate a profit after tax in the range of 0.05 to 0.07 USD per share.

Gold depreciated by 1.5% last week

GoldThe gold prices continue their free fall tore off with more 1.56% in the previous week. Another reason for the collapse happened appreciation of the USD, which climbed 13-month high against a basket of six major currencies in the world. A strong USD traditionally weighs on demand for the gold, making it more expensive for holders of other funds. Despite the depreciation of the week gold futures for December delivery rose slightly to 0.06% on Friday to 1,267.30 USD per ounce after the data from the USA. The new week begins with an increase in the price of the September contract by 0.3% to 1,271.40 USD per ounce.
Ministry of Labor announced that the economy of the United States added 142,000 new jobs in August – the lowest level in the last eight months. The forecasts were for a jump of 225,000. The report also showed that the unemployment rate in the United States fell slightly to 6.1% from 6.2% in July because most people dropped out of the labor force.

Michael Bloomberg take over the management of Bloomberg LP

Michael BloombergMichael Bloomberg will take over the management of Bloomberg LP, only eight months after the end of his last term as mayor of New York. The media company that provides comprehensive financial information that the current CEO Daniel Doktorof will leave the company at the end of the year and his place will be taken by him. For years, Bloomberg has argued that there is no intention to return to work at the company he founded in 1981.
The main expectations were Bloomberg to devote much of their time to distribute his vast personal fortune amounted to 32.8 billion USD. Michael Bloomberg had to spend much of his time and he had most likely to spend “several hours a day working on his new office on the fifth floor” at the offices of Bloomberg LP.
But in recent months, Michael Bloomberg, who still owns 88% of the company, has strengthened his presence in the offices of the Lexington Avenue. These “few hours” recently turned six and seven hours a day, he has held an important role in the deliberations and decisions of the Board.
Michael Bloomberg will take responsibility for a company that is much larger and stronger than the one he left over a decade ago. But he also will face more challenges. Bloomberg LP is something of a crossroads, developing plans to become more accessible to a wider consumer audience.

Tips On Saving Money From Payday Advance Loans

USD Eur cashDid you know that there is actually a way that you can save money when getting payday advance loans? Most people don’t realize this but you can do it. The best way to go about doing this is to actually pay some money to the loan company before you even take the money. This sounds a little strange but all you have to do is take out a little more than you need while leaving 10% or so with the company. The point of this is to show good faith. I understand it is a little odd but the truth is that many companies like this practice and it helps to reduce the amount you have to pay back in the end.

Another great way to save money on payday loans is to pay the money back much quicker. This doesn’t work with every payday advance company because some of them require that you pay the money back on the due date and not a day sooner. The reason some companies do this is to ensure that they get the most money from you. The reason I say this is because when you pay the money back a day or two days after you get it, the interest will oftentimes be prorated which will greatly reduce the amount you owe. Now, some companies don’t do this so I would recommend talking with the workers to make sure they do allow this. If you go to a company where they don’t let you pay the money back sooner, then I would recommend finding a different company to use.

Look out for the best buys in property

Real EstatesWhen you are looking for a home there isn’t enough time you can spend looking around and researching. Living in the middle of a bustling city like Toronto you will spend even more time because properties here are so excellent it will be a torture to choose the best. If you are looking for king west condos situated in the centre of the city, check out what advantages those places have. First of all, you are close to the business centre, have all the shops nearby as well as fashion outlets, restaurants and entertainment. Second, there are great amenities and security.
When you get a chance to look at yorkville condos ask around the neighbourhood about the positive and negative features of living here. The site may look fantastic but have noisy neighbours. If you are young and plan a lot of parties, this is fine. But if you have small children, it can be annoying and troublesome. When you are almost decided about buying distillery condos have construction workers and designers evaluate how much money repairs and renovations will cost so that you don’t need to go into inordinate expense. Have fun searching for your home and soon you will be celebrating.

Roche negotiate for full acquisition of the Japanese Chugai

Roche acquisitionRoche negotiate for full acquisition of the Japanese Chugai Pharmaceutical according to a billions USD deal. The Basel pharmaceutical giant is willing to pay about 10 billion USD for the not owned shares of Chugai Pharmaceutical. Roche declined to comment over it but the deal could be announced early next week. The Swiss pharmaceutical company already has 60% stake of Chugai and the two companies work closely together over the development of medicines against cancer and arthritis. Based on the market capitalization of 250 billion USD and multi-billion USD cash the full acquisition will not be a problem for Roche. The reason for the deal is that the Swiss company wants to use fully the second world largest medicine market in the world – Japanese.
The world market leader in anti-cancer drugs already implemented a series of acquisitions. Earlier this month, Roche bought the Danish company Santaris. In July, announced that it would pay 725 million USD in cash to buy Seragon Pharmaceuticals, which is a small private biotechnology company with research in drugs against breast cancer. A little bit earlier Roche bought the company Genia Technologies for genetic sequencing at a price of 350 million USD. In that way the Swiss company reached technologies, which is able to decipher human genes faster.

Impala Platinum predicted annual profit decrease of 75%

Impala PlatinumImpala Platinum predicted annual profit decrease of 75%, due to the five-month strike by its employees in the mines in South Africa. The second largest producer of metals in the world was one of three victims of the strike of 70 thousand miners in South Africa. Furthermore Impala losses recorded more Anglo American Platinum and Lonmin. The protest of workers costing companies nearly 24 billion rand or 2.3 billion USD. The losses from employee wages not received nearly 11 billion rand. Impala platinum mine works in a ring located northwest of Johannesburg.
The strike led to problems for the economy of South Africa, which holds two thirds of the world production of metals in the world.
The news of the revised profit forecasts led to a decline in the shares within 3% in trading on the stock exchange in Johannesburg. The price of the shares reached just over 103 rand per share.